In our tattoo studio in Hamburg...

we work only on appointments. We take our time for every customer to provide a relaxed and private atmosphere. Pendul with his many years of experience and his artistic view, makes your tattoo a uniqe and personal piece of art. Jana will organize the appointment for you. She will answer all your questions before and after your appointment. 


Areu Pendul 

As owner of Satapak Studio Pendul is living half of the time in Germany, half of the time in Bali. Pendul's artwork benefits from his travels and the mix of cultures. Pendul started to study the art of tattooing at the age of sixteen. Since then he has owned well known studios in Cirebon and Jakarta. Pendul is very experienced in various styles of traditional and machine tattoos. His big passion is hand poking  with a very pure and authentic style.



Jana's idea of Satapak Studio is to provide an inviting and safe enviroment for customers and the team.

If you contact Satapak Tattoo Studio Hamburg, Jana will answer all your questions and book your tattoo appointment.