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The tattoo studio in Hamburg

In Hamburg, we work in a private Tattoo studio. That means we are not a big tattoo shop with opening hours and Walk-Ins.

In our private tattoo studio in Hamburg, there is only you and us, focusing on your tattoo.


We take our time to discuss your tattoo design, size and placement. Please never hesitate to ask the questions you have, we are happy to answer all of them.


Your tattoo stays forever, and so does the memory of the actual tattoo session. Here for it is very important to us to provide a safe space, and relaxed atmosphere (maybe with some Bali-Vibes) for your tattoo appointment.

How to book your tattoo appoinment in Hamburg

If you'd like to book a Tattoo appointment in our Tattoo studio in Hamburg, please use the contact form, call us or write a WhatsApp.

Usually we can offer you an appointment within 2-4 weeks


If you are looking for a spontaneous tattoo appointment, just ask. We like flexibility and if you are lucky we can manage to fit you in on a short note.



Jana and Pendul


Areu Pendul 

As owner of

Satapak Tattoo Hamburg | Bali,

Pendul is living half of the year in Germany, and half in Bali. Pendul's artwork benefits from his travels and the mix of cultures. His signature style are geometric, black work, mandala tattoos influenced by motives of the Indonesian batik and tattoo tradition. Pendul started to study the art of tattooing at the age of sixteen. Since then, he has owned well known studios in Cirebon and Jakarta. Pendul is very experienced in various styles of traditional and machine tattoos. His big passion is handpoke with a very pure and authentic style.



Jana's idea of

Satapak Tattoo Hamburg | Bali

is to provide an inviting and safe enviroment for customers and the tattoo artist..

If you contact Satapak Tattoo Hamburg, Jana is happy answer all your questions and book your tattoo appointment. 

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