Our studio in Bali...

is located in the center of Ubud. In our direct neighborhood you find the famous Sayuri healing food, Ubud food court and Umhalur Coffee Art house where you can enjoy finest coffee in a place made 100% from bamboo.


In our tattoo studio we provide a creative space for our artists to focus on their body art. For our customers we care about a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Any questions are welcome, whether you are planning on getting a tattoo from us or you are simply interested in Indonesia's ancient tattoo tradition.


We have two tattoo chairs and a tattoo platform for the traditional tattoos in hand tapping technique.

We assure highest European hygiene standards.

 Feel free to drop by and visit us at...


Satapak Studio - Traditional Tattoo Bali.

  • Areu Pendul Djangkaru


    As owner of Satapak Studio Pendul is living half of the time in Germany, half of the time  in Bali. Pendul's artwork benefits from his travels and the mix of cultures. Pendul started to study the art of tattooing at the age of sixteen. Since then he has owned well known studios in Cirebon and Jakarta. When he opened Satapak Traditional Tattoo Bali in 2019 he wanted to create an open space for Indonesia's most talented tattoo artists and like-minded people from all over the world. Pendul is very experienced in various styles of traditional and machine tattoos. His big passion is hand poking  with a very pure and authentic style.

  • Jana Djangkaru

    Customer care

    Jana's idea of Satapak Studio is to provide an inviting and safe enviroment for customers and the team. And to create an open space for creativity. Where people care for each other. A good communication between artists customers is highly valued.  

  • Agung Babau


    Agung is a young and extremely talented tattoo artist specialized in fine line hand poking tattoos. As resident artist you can find him at the studio.

  • Johnny Downstroke


    Its easy to tell...Since many years Johnny feels at home in the Indonesian tattoo and piercing community. 

    He used to work in tattoo and piercing studios in Jakarta. But when Satapak Studio opened their doors in Bali, he did not hesitate to join the team. 

The Team

The word 'Satapak' is Sunda,

a language spoken in the Western part of Java and it means: One straight path. For us that means to follow our vision. Focused, with great passion and love.

For our life and our tattoo art.

As a team we are walking our path together, joined by a big community of artists from all over Indonesia. Such as tattoo artists for certain styles of tattoo, musicians, jewellery makers, woodcarvers and many more.

All together we are


Satapak Studio - Traditional Tattoo Bali.



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