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Working with some of indonesias best tattoo artist we can offer any tattoo style. Let us know what style of tattoo you want to have and we will make sure to bring you together with the best artist

for you tattoo idea.

 Our signiture style is the combination of contemporary tattoo design and elements of Indonesias tattoo and batik tradition.

With our tattoo experience and fantastic tattoo artists, we promise to make every tattoo a unique piece of body art.

Anker 1

Machine tattoos at Satapak Tattoo Hamburg | Bali

For our machine tattoos, as well as the traditional Hand Tapped and Handpoke tattoos, in both our tattoo studios in Bali and Hamburg we use only high quality tattoo products and tattoo machines.

We bring the same tattoo products we use in Germany to our tattoo studio in Ubud.

We design your tattoo individually according to your wishes. We are happy to answer all your question, and we care about a good communication between artist and customer to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere in our tattoo studio.

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