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How much is a tattoo? - 3 Questions tattoo artist love to hate!

Updated: May 7, 2022

What questions do tattoo artists find trivial?

Why do we find them trivial? Just how trivial are they?

Yes, questions can be trivial. But so can the answers!

In our tattoo studio, our priority is to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with open communication between us and our customers.

Nevertheless, there are a few questions that do not go down so well in tattoo studios. I have mentioned the top 3 questions below that every tattoo artist has been asked multiple times throughout their career but struggle to give you an answer, because there isn't just 1 answer!

How much is a tattoo?

Sorry, I can't do it tomorrow. Can we reschedule the appointment?

Does it hurt?


Frage:How much is a tattoo?

Antwort: Hard to say between 80 and 8000€!

How much is a tattoo?

Well, let me see.....

How much is a train journey? How much is shopping?

I can't give you a generalised answer, I need more information!

It heavily depends on whether you want a small heart on your wrist or whether you'd prefer a bodysuit (full body tattoo).

If you don't lead with your design idea, a rough size estimation and prefered placement then I ask myself:

  • Have you really given enough thought to your tattoo?

  • What is your purpose for getting a tattoo?

  • Do you come to us because you like our work or are you looking for a tattoo-discounter?