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How much is a tattoo? - 3 Questions tattoo artist love to hate!

Updated: May 7, 2022

What questions do tattoo artists find trivial?

Why do we find them trivial? Just how trivial are they?

Yes, questions can be trivial. But so can the answers!

In our tattoo studio, our priority is to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere with open communication between us and our customers.

Nevertheless, there are a few questions that do not go down so well in tattoo studios. I have mentioned the top 3 questions below that every tattoo artist has been asked multiple times throughout their career but struggle to give you an answer, because there isn't just 1 answer!

Does it hurt?


Frage:How much is a tattoo?

Antwort: Hard to say between 80 and 8000€!

How much is a tattoo?

Well, let me see.....

How much is a train journey? How much is shopping?

I can't give you a generalised answer, I need more information!

It heavily depends on whether you want a small heart on your wrist or whether you'd prefer a bodysuit (full body tattoo).

If you don't lead with your design idea, a rough size estimation and prefered placement then I ask myself:

  • Have you really given enough thought to your tattoo?

  • What is your purpose for getting a tattoo?

  • Do you come to us because you like our work or are you looking for a tattoo-discounter?

Our tip: Take a few minutes and write a few words about your desired motif. It doesn't have to be a novel, but we need to get an idea about the type of tattoo you'd like to get.

If you don't yet know what you want to get tattooed and want some inspiration by visiting one of our studios, that's no problem but please specify this.

We are here to cater for your needs but that's very hard to do when you don't have a clear idea of what you want.


Question: Sorry, I can't do it tomorrow. Can we reschedule the appointment? Answer: NO!

The thing is: Cancellations at short notice are a real problem. This often mean a big loss of earnings for that day (sometimes several hundred euros), which is very inconvenient for us as we account for this in our earnings for the week.

Finding a person who would like to take over the tattoo appointment at short notice is, firstly a lot of work and secondly not always possible.

Also preparation goes into your tattoo appointment. We design the perfect tattoo for you which can take anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks. Even if it a last minute appointment, time and consideration goes into consulting with them and also drawing up a design that they are happy with. This all takes time. So please be considerate of your tattoo artist time and energy.

Our tip: Commitment is key! Of course there are exceptions! Sometimes life gets in the way, for e.g. if you are sick in bed, then your health comes first!

But otherwise: Please don't let your tattoo artist down.

Same goes for your hairdresser, therapist, friend etc.

We put a lot of effort into trying to make you happy, please give us the same consideration.


Question: Does it hurt?

Answer: Sometimes yes, sometimes no...t so much.

Well this question is not annoying at all. But its difficult to answer.

Well this question is not annoying at all. But its difficult to answer.

It really depends a lot on how you deal with pain.

But there are parts of the body that just want to make you cry, such as the ribs ..this placement can be super cruel! In addition, your tattoo artist might not want you to breath during the tattoo session ;).

A tattoo on the upper arm is quite bearable.. for most people but maybe not for others. It really depends on your pain threshold.

At Satapak tattoo Hamburg | Bali we offer traditional tattooing.

In the tattoo studio in Hamburg we offer hand poke technique.

In the tattoo studio in Bali we offer traditional hand tapping.

Many people think these tattoo techniques are particularly painful.

This is not the case!

Manual tattoos are less invasive. They heal much faster and most customers find traditional tattoing far less painful than tattooing with a gun/machine.

Please come prepared for your tattoo sessions (especially long ones).

  • Don't drink alcohol the day before your tattoo session.

  • Eat well.

  • Take your favorite music with you, or your favourite meditation app, whatever helps to relax you.

Our tip: If you are nervous/anxious because you are afraid of pain, please don't be shy and voice these concerns with your tattoo artist. They will help to ease your worries (or maybe give you brutal honesty, it depends on their style ;)

So there we have it, the three questions we love to hate ;)

But if you still wanna ask them...then do and we will continue to answer them like we've never heard them before ;).

Much Love!

Yours truly,



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