At Satapak Studio Traditional Tattoo Bali

we combine contemporary design with traditional Indonesian tattoo and batik motives. In our studios in Hamburg and Bali we are able to offer machine tattoos as well as traditional hand poking and hand tapping.

Tattoo Techniques

For hand poking tattoos we use a sterile tattoo needle attached to a wooden handle. The tattoo is done manually dot by dot. This creates particularly natural and organic looking tattoos. Hand poke tattoos are less invasive and heal much faster compared to machine tattoos. Due to the fast healing prozess you can get your hand poked bali tattoo and still enjoy the pleasures of a nice swim in the pool or Bali sea.

The traditional tools for hand tapping tattoos in indonesia are two handles made from iron wood, one handle with a sterile needle attached and a second handle for tapping on it to insert the needle softly into the skin. For handtapping tattoos two people are needed. The tattoo artist and his assistant who stretches the skin.  Indonesia has a long tradition of hand tapping.

Machine tattoos probably don't need much of an explanation these days. For all of our tattoos, whethermachine or traditional tattoo, we use only imported, high quality products and inks. In Satapak Studio Traditional Tattoo Bali we care about highest hygiene standards and a personal connection between the artist and the client.


Pendul did excellent work, I’m more than happy with my new tattoo! I highly recommend this tattoo studio if you’re looking for a high quality tattoo artist! I definitely will be back for an other tattoo :-)





As a german / indonesian culture clash tattoo studio...

we take the best of both cultures to establish a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a clean and professional environment. In Satapak Tattoo Studio Bali we follow european hygiene standards and use highest quality tattoo equipment and vegan ink.

Known for our welcoming atmosphere we care for a friendly and honest communication.  We are proud to have a big community of Indonesian's best artists cooperating with us. All artists are spezialized in particular tattoo styles. Our hand tapping artists come all the way from Borneo and Mentawai islands. These are Islands with one of the most ancient tattoo tradition worldwide.

Areu Pendul, the owner of Satapak Studio, travels frequently to Hamburg to share his very unique signature style in his Studio in Hamburg.

In Bali Walk-Ins are welcome if available or book your appointment.

In Hamburg we only work with appointments.

  +49 1573 5 414 959 for Hamburg |

+62 813 530 686 29 for




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