Handpoking Tattoo Bali

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Hand poking

Hand poking is one of most ancient and pure tattoo techniques in the world. Since a few years Hand poking, a nearly forgotten technique is becoming more and more popular again, often under new names like

Sticknpoke or bamboo tattoo.

Names change but the techniques remains the same. A sterile tattoo needle is attached to a handle. With this tool you insert the tattoo ink into the skin. Dot by, dot, by dot... as you set every dot separately you can create very delicate designs blending in with your skin, aswell as rough and strong appearing tattoos. The traditional tattoo technique of handpoking is much less invasive compared to machine tattoos it is less painfull and the healing prozess is much quicker. Considering this a handpoked tattoo might be a good choice for you bali tattoo as you can get you travel tattoo and still enjoy the pleasures of a cooling dip in the pool or bali sea.

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