The signature style...

of Satapak Studio is a traditional inspired, urban look that harmonizes with your body and gives your tattoo a particularly natural look. This can create very fine lined feminine tattoos as well as a rough and wild appearance.

We are also working with several, very talented indonesian Artist all specialised in particular tattoo style. Talk with us about your tattoo idea and we bring you together with the perfect matching artist for your tattoo.


Here in Satapak Studio Traditional Tattoo Bali we offer three different tattoo techniques. The traditional techniques of hand poking and hand tapping and machine tattoos. All techniques have their own characteristic look, you can learn more about them when you click on the pictures to see the Gallery.

For hand tapping two sticks are used, one with a sterile needle attached and one for tapping on this stick to insert the needle softly into the skin. For hand tapping two people are needed. The tattoo artist and an assistant who stretches the skin.  Indonesia has a long tradition of hand tapping.

For hand poke tattoos we use a sterile tattoo needle attached to a wooden handle. The tattoo is done manually dot by dot. This creates particularly natural and organic looking tattoos. Hand poke tattoos are less invasive and heal much faster compared to machine tattoos.

Machine tattoos probably don't need much of an

explanation these days.

For all of our tattoos, whether machine or traditional tattoo, 

we use only imported, high quality products and inks.

In Satapak TraditionalTattoo Studio Bali we care about highest

hygiene standards and a personal connection

between the artist and the client.



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