Guest Artist at Satapak Studio

Letcu Sipatiti

Satapak Studio

Letcu Sipatiti our current guest artist at our Tattoo studio in Ubud. Is an tattoo artist from Mentawai. He studies the art of tattoo since 12 years now. His name Letcu means ratan bracelets and was given to him because of his skill of doing this kind of bracetelts. Sipatiti is less a name than a title that means acknowledget tattoo artist. Only people who learned the traditional art of Mentawai tattoo and achieved a certain grade of knowledge and skills are hornored with the title Sipatiti. We are very proud that Letcu Sipatit extended his stay with us until the end on November.

His speciality in tattoo is...what else would it be...traditional hand tapped tattoos using original Mentawai tools and designs. At Satapak Traditional Tattoo Studio Bali he also creates custom made mentawai inspired design individual for our customers.

Letcu Sipatiti


Letcu Sipatiti with his Teacher Teu Ron Nganga Sakoikoi (Simatalu)