Guest Artist at Satapak Studio

Tipung Puyang  from Kota Kinabalu, North Borneo is our current guest artist at our Tattoo studio in Ubud.

Her focus in traditional tattoo lies in Borneo and Mentawai patterns, a knowledge that she gained from her foster families in the up rivers of Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan and Siberut island of Mentawai.

Tipung Puyang is one of only few women practising the traditional art of tattoo. Her works with a spezial connection to mother nature and the person who is going to recief a tattoo from her.


Tipung Puyang is a practitioner of the endangered art forms, she merges the traditional ways with contemporary interpretation to present the modern adaptation of culture today. She travels internationaly as a beadwork jewellery creator, poet and tattoo artist and shares her belief in indigenous cosmology and her knowledge of Borneo tribe traditions. 

Tipung Puyang


Satapak Studio

Tipung Puyang