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One of the most ancient tattoo traditions worldwide is still practised by the Dayak from Borneo and people living in the tribes in Mentawai Island.

Tattoo artist from Mentawai and Borneo are coming all the way to Bali to share their knowledge about tattoo traditions and artwork made from all natural products used for hundreds of years by their ancestors.

We will discuss the socio-economic issues and environmental

crisis faced by our communities today.

The balance between human and nature.

And the role of women as spiritual leaders in Borneo

Three days dedicated to the traditional artwork and spirit of the islands of Mentawai and Borneo.

Beadwork, Deep Talk


Traditional Tattoo

Every day:
Hand tapping 
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Traditional tools, techniques and designs are used with modern high quality ink and needles

...of course!

Live music and dance every evening!
Indonesian fusion music from Mentawai, Borneo, Java, Bali and more.
Listen, dance, join the band.




Scheduled events

Traditional handtapping


Our traditional tattoos embody the beliefs of our ancient cultures and the ways of our people and our lands. Learn about traditional handmade tattoo tools, needles and inks from Mentawai and Borneo - what are they made of what are their differences. You can try them on fruit skin, guided by our tattoo artists.

All materials are provided.


Workshop fee 150k rupiah. Limited seats available




DIY Jewellery making with borneo beads

DIY: Borneo beads and rattan jewellery making.

Learn to weave a bracelet out of rattan and resam or

create your own unique designed necklaces, bracelets, earrings with borneo beads made from glass, shells, stones etc.


All materials provided. Workshop fee 80k rupiah for earrings and bracelets 180k rupiah for necklaces


Open Talk




28/11/19 The role of women as spiritual leaders in Borneo


Our old religions focus on our holistic beliefs, the law between human and nature. In Borneo, high priestesses known as Tantagas/Bobolian/Dayung conducts rituals to gather lost souls to address sickness in humans as well as natural disasters. During our current times, these beliefs are almost forgotten in exchange for new religions and mainstream cultures.

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30/11/19  A call of Solidarity: Tattoo tour to visit the upriver communities in Borneo & Mentawai


We welcome interested people and tattoo artists to join our tour back to our villages in the upriver of Kapuas Hulu, Kalimantan (January) and upriver of Siberut, Mentawai (February) artists get to experience the real life of the islands and learn about the meaning of the original tattoo patterns and much more.

All workshops are open for walk-ins as long as space is available. To secure a spot book in advance
Every day:

Artmarket: Fabrics, Photos, Jewellery...

Woodcut printing: t-shirt and paper

Clay sculpture workshop

Miniatures from recycled materials

Exhibition of original handmade tools, needles made from thorns and bones and natural based inks used since the beginning of tattoo tradition.